Check out this website for medevac insurance - they have several plans available.
There is a clinic in Adak - operated by Eastern Aleutian Tribes, staffed with a midlevel and a Community Health Aide, xray, lab, ER, family services, preventative health, visiting dental and Behavioral Health practitioners.   But be careful!!!   The closest hospital is at best about 8 hrs away!
Consider a sat phone or VHF Radio if you will be hiking/camping.
Guided Tours and Birding Information

Transportation to your hunting base....airport to camp, or as close as possible 

Clean up and prep-shower, pack your gear and trophies and to the airport on time!
I will meet you at the airport, set you up in your vehicle, escort to your unit, and give you the safety schpeel!
Many late model 4x4 Crew cap pickups now available!    Call today for your reservation!
More Lodges and more options - larger groups - internet and cable in some units.  Please call or email for information!
Websites to check out:
Provided in your lodge:
coffee, tea, condiments and a welcome gift!
soaps and lotions (made by MYSISTERNME Soap Company, Adak, Alaska)
kitchen complete with dishwasher, refrigerator, range, cooking utensils, dishware, microwave
Freezer for your frozen supplies, or to cool your catch!
Dry Fish Shack available
A tv/dvd is set up and movies are on hand or can be borrowed from neighbors
Cell service is available for AT&T, GCI and Windy City Cell
Internet service by local router for email only - PLEASE - NO downloads, NO movies, NO Games  - very expensive out here!!!!  You could be charged overage fees!  We do have internet TV with subscriptions for NETFLIX, AMAZON, HULU Plus.  But speeds are slow and don't always work perfectly. 

There is a grocery store in Adak.  The prices are high, but you can find almost any necessity there.  Consider these hints:

The following items can be mailed by using the US Postal Services FLAT RATE PRIORITY MAIL BOXES.   A good bargain and gets to Adak in a hurry.  Mail takes 7-10 days priority mail.  Sometimes faster!  Just call or email us a message for pick up service.
Canned veggies/fruit
                        ·         Potatoes and
Flour, pancake mix, oatmeal, syrups, jelly, peanut butter, etc.
Hiking boots and/or waders, “duck boots”
                        ·         Socks, hats, cotton gloves. Jeans,  Sweatshirts. 
Waterproof jackets with hoods
                        ·         Books, magazines, yarn, craft items, etc.

There is a washer and dryer in the lodge, so you don’t have to take a huge amount of clothing, but definitely at least a complete change, in case you get wet!

Consider to carry these grocery items in your empty coolers to Adak!

·         Fresh Fruits and vegetables

·         Meats and cheeses

·         Breads and milk

Lodge Rental - 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, fully furnished kitchen, living room, solarium, dining area
Vehicle Rental - 4 WD pickup, rental info for ATVs
Covered and Weather protected meat processing area, Freezers and packaging assistance
Some ammunition is available to buy on island.  Be sure to bring enough with you as checked luggage.  Just claim it at check in and it should come through fine.  Firearms are checked separately.

If shipping items by freight or mail, just notify us by phone or email for pick up services.  Your items will be waiting at your lodge when you arrive.  Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Plane schedules to Adak are twice weekly:  Beginning 8/31/17 - Sunday and Wednesday
Alaska Airlines service by 737-700   
Alaska Air website is:
The most economical way to travel to Adak is by using mileage plan miles.  If you are not familiar with using this method, or have any questions, and want a cheaper ticket, contact us!